About Us

Our core mission is equal accessibility to incentives to promote the implementation of sustainable practices in our built environment.

About Us

Our government realizes that our built environment must serve us more productively as we head through the 21st century and beyond.  In order to expedite the changes to ensure that this happens, our government contributes millions of dollars to incentivize green projects.  So why aren’t more people taking advantage of these incentives to go green?  Information about such incentives is spread over several websites, or not online at all.  Many don’t understand which incentives they are eligible for so they don’t apply.  For those that try to tackle applying, they quickly learn  that applying for multiple incentives at once isn’t easy.

IncentiFind reduces the cost (and headache) of going green through our 4-Easy-Step- Process:

  1. We identify incentives for your project using our comprehensive database (a free service)
  2. We assist you in verifying your eligibility
  3. We assist you in applying for one or multiple incentives using our application portal
  4. We locate and connect you to the right professionals for your project

IncentiFind quickly connects you to incentives for your project.  We serve building owners, developers, business owners, home owners, builders, and professional service providers nationwide.  We are a comprehensive database of incentives, and we are the first database + application portal of this kind.

Our Founders

Natalie Campos Goodman

Co-Founder, CEO
Houston, Texas

LEED AP O&M, Associate AIA, Fortune 500 Sustainabilty Consultant, Vanguard Fellow, ULI Young Leader 2017-2018, HBJ Women to Watch 2017, USGBC Gulf Coast Advocacy Lead, Circular Board F16, LiftOff Houston Finalist F16

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I am a graduate of Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture. I began my career at Johnson Space Center and went on to live and work all over the world in countries like the United States, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and China. My project experience spans markets and industries such as historic preservation, commercial, disaster recovery, aerospace, healthcare, research, judicial, military, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas. Regardless of where I was, or the industry I served, the common thread was sustainability.

As I progressed through both my education, career, and travels, my passion for sustainability grew. When I returned to the USA in mid-2015 I desired to solely focus on my passion and launched Green Money Search to promote sustainable practices in our built environment. Sustainable practices are implementing design, construction, and land development practices that are environmentally conscious in meeting today’s need without depleting tomorrow’s resources. In other words, being a better steward of anything altered in the untouched environment.

With over a decade of experience in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry, I understand client needs, project budgets, and how implementing sustainable practices on projects can feel out of reach. I want to help citizens and companies realize the funding available to them through our comprehensive database. I want to provide an efficient path to quickly determine eligibility, and an expedited path to apply for eligible funds through our application portal. Most importantly, I want citizens and companies to realize that sustainable practices are within their reach.

David Matiella

Co-Founder, Advisory
San Antonio, Texas

Geekdom Member, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA), Professor of Sustainability at College of Architecture at UTSA, USGBC State Advocacy Lead, CPS C3 Finalist

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I am a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture with a Master’s Degree in Architecture. I have been involved in architectural practice, higher education and advocacy work related to sustainability during my career, and I have a passion for communicating the need for sustainability.

My primary role is teaching at the University level where I have developed a variety of courses and coursework targeting the education of future architects, engineers, construction managers, environmental scientists and global citizens. I teach courses related to design, environmental systems, sustainable development, academic inquiry, critical thinking and scholarship. I also have 8 years of project management and design experience in the Architecture and Engineering industry helping clients and project team members reach their goals.

I have been an organizer for the U.S. Green Building Council in Texas for the past decade and am currently serving on the State Board of Directors and as Chair of the Advocacy Committee, which focuses on green building priorities at the national, state and local levels. Sustainability is the nexus between social, environmental, and economic prosperity and I believe that with proper directives such as incentives and innovation, humanity is poised for a sustainable future. As we enter the sixth major wave of endogenous growth and economic expansion, sustainability and sustainable practices will propel the economies of the future toward shared prosperity. We are poised to take advantage of these opportunities while living within our means and protecting our shared environment.

By capitalizing on our vast natural resources as well as the ingenuity of humanity, I want to help lead the world toward sustainability through the 21st century and beyond.

Broderick Merritt

Co-Founder, CTO
Houston, Texas

Enterprise FinTech, Lead Full-Stack Engineer, Cloud Architect, IT Strategist & Implementation Consultant, Founder of Cybic Innovations, Mentor at Code.org, NASA Aerospace Scholar

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I started my career before entering university doing free lance web development, helped start, setup and run an internet cafe when they were cool. I once attempted to launch my own social platform for college Greek life. Studied Computer Engineering at Texas A&M. I’ve consistently involved myself in as much opportunity as possible with my own private consulting, internships, mentoring, hackathons, or just living by the learn-it-all mentality.  Lead Full-Stack software development has been my go to staple for technology saturation and skillsets, but over the past few years I’ve been focusing on the bigger picture for any business initiative by presenting various IT solutions to help set a strategy or drive innovation through implementation. My industry experience has crossed eCommerce, entreprise financial technology, active-supply chain, non-profit, and aerospace. I seek to always leverage technologies in the newest most capable ways whether it be in the cloud or on the ground, I do this through constant research and development with some prototyping in the mix. IT strategy and implementation, solutions architecture, lead development, volunteer computer science advising and mentoring of high schools students with Code.org are all my passions as I strongly believe in continuous learning on the premise of inspiring or being inspired.

Sustainabilty is a needed awareness and my interest in it became stronger after my 1st home purchase when I started using smart home devices to monitor my energy usage and better manage energy within my home. It’s amazing what this world is coming to accomplish with IoT and the data it provides. Being a natural software and technology enthuisast I am always eager to apply what’s available technology wise to its practicality.  Bilingual in both technical and buisness communications, I have been able to nuture and grow professional networks or relationships to ensure that what is desired is delivered through guided disocvery and implementation.  Brainstorming with innovation in mind are efforts I pursue in attempts to bring new goods to the table in this fast, ever changing tech world.

Presenting IncentiFind services and data while defining who we are, what we can do, and how we can better serve people, profit, and planet is something I’ve taken up as my own goal to help see through as we build out our platform and services. I look forward to when our partners and clients can all connect through a single experience through the application or technological services to better serve their needs in ways that are far too cumbersome as they stand today.